I’m not going to hide it any more, I’ve had enough of covering up who I really am, it’s time for everyone to know… Believe by Cher is one of my favourite songs, of all time. My housemates will begrudgingly reveal that it has blasted from my room on repeat in many times of need. And yes, I’m that guy in the club who requests the song and proceeds to clear the dance floor with my physical passion. There, I’ve said it, and I don’t care what anyone thinks.

Moving on from this dramatic revelation. I assumed the above song could not get any better, in fact I even cringed when hearing that it was to be covered on the… X Factor. OH but how I was wrong. Recently re-discovered thanks to shuffle.

KTS is humming “bu-bu-dum-dum-dum” while bobbing happily. Thank you georgeezra.

KTS wish they could sit down by the river with samgarrettmusic.

My first #madewithshapely

My first #madewithshapely


Remember Fabian Oefner’s superb photos of colored pigments on pulsing speakers? His new series explores centrifugal force and paint.

First, he connected a metallic rod to an electric drill. By dripping colored acrylic paint onto the spinning rod, he was able these electric patterns.

Beautiful Photos of Paint UnderCentrifugal Force

via Faith is Torment

Systems of Romance (by Simeon Nelson)

(Source: from89, via robnapierdesign)

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